vCenter role for Veeam ONE with PowerCLI

The idea behind the vCenter role for Veeam ONE

Based on my original blogpost from 2020 where I created a vCenter role for Veeam Backup & Replication with PowerCLI, I decided to do the same for Veeam ONE. As a result the blog post here with the new script was born.

This PowerShell / PowerCLI script lets you create a new vCenter server role with all the cumulative privileges and permissions to use them with Veeam ONE V11.

The privileges used are based on the recommendations out of the Veeam Help Center which you can find here: Connection to Virtualization Servers

Simply execute the script and follow the steps to fill in the relevant data. Most importantly your vCenter server name, the username and your password. The script will then ask you to choose a name for your new role and automatically creates it.
vCenter role for Veeam ONE
After you have created the role you need to assign a user to it. As a result, continue within Veeam ONE where you add your vCenter Server.
vCenter connection
The process to add vCenter servers or virtualization servers in general is described here: Connecting VMware vSphere Servers

Furthermore, feel free to give me feedback on this script, as I want to further improve it.

Already planned improvements for the vCenter role for Veeam ONE

  • Add a function to assign a user to the newly created role
  • Add a function to check against an existing role. Print the missing privileges and consequently let the user decide to apply the missing privileges to the already existing role

You can find the script script itself here: Creating a new vCenter server role with cumulative privileges and permissions to use with Veeam ONE V11

In addition, you can find my VMware related articles here: VMware articles

Furthermore, you can find my Veeam related articles here: Veeam articles

As always, I appreciate your time on reading this post and have a great day !

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Falko is a Consulting Field Solutions Architect for Modern Data Protection based in Germany working at Pure Storage Inc. In the last 12 years he has built a strong focus on virtualization, BCDR and has a passion for Microsoft 365 & storage systems. He's a Veeam Vanguard, a Veeam Certified Engineer, Veeam Certified Architect and a Veeam User Group founder and leader in Germany.

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