Veeam Vanguard 2022 Program Nomination and Review

Veeam Vanguard 2022 Program Nomination

On the 28th of February 2022 I found an awesome e-mail from Nikola Pejková in my mailbox, that I have been selected for the Veeam Vanguard Program for 2022!

Veeam Vanguard 2022 Program E-Mail

This is my 3rd consecutive year in a row now. I’m feeling very honored to remain a part of the program. In my eyes it is simply the best community program out there!

Veeam Vanguard Journey Review

Throughout the last 2 years I learned a lot within the Vanguard community and had some exciting opportunities to be a part of !

Below I have listed a few opportunities I had during my Veeam Vanguard journey:

  • speaking and presenting at VeeamON 2021
  • speaking and presenting to the Veeam Vanguards during our famous “summer series” events
  • get in contact with like minded technical people to discuss detailed Veeam features and tech / IT in general
  • Access to the Veeam Product teams
  • Access to Betas / NFRs and bits and bytes 🙂
  • Simply got to know awesome human beings that I can call friends today #vanguardfamily

Especially the opportunities to present and speak at various events like VeeamON were and are part of my personal growth. I never would have imagined to do so 2 years ago and can fully affirm, that the Veeam Vanguard community program helps you with your personal and career growth!

Regardless to say, that our weekly Vanguard friday calls support the growth and friendship within our Veeam Vanguard community. This call is there to chat and talk about anything, not only tech and enlightens everyones day on each friday !

All in all I must say that my journey within the Veeam Vanguard community was a blast so far ! I’m really looking forward to VeeamON this year to meet my peers again. Here is to another awesome year within the program and I hope I’m representing the program enough to remain within it for even more years !

Furthermore, here you can find all the Veeam Vanguards from past and present: Veeam Vanguard List

Again, I would like to thank everyone from the Veeam Vanguard and Product Strategy team for their trust in me to represent this program !

Stay safe and have a great week !

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About Falko Banaszak

Falko is a consultant based in Germany working for SVA GmbH. He has a strong focus on virtualization, data backup, disaster recovery infrastructures and a passion for Microsoft 365 & storage systems. He´s a VMware vExpert & Veeam user group leader in Germany. VCP-DCV, VMCE, VMCA.

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