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July, 2023

  • 17 July

    Supercharge Excel with ChatGPT

    vSphere Tagging Tool HTML5

    Introduction and why I Supercharge Excel with ChatGPT When you read “Supercharge Excel with ChatGPT”, you might think of some magic or something very special. In fact, I used ChatGPT lately to “migrate” my Veeam vSphere Tagging Excel Tool to something independent. I’ve had various good feedback on my Excel …

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June, 2023

  • 23 June

    Veeam vSphere Tagging Excel Tool

    Veeam vSphere Tagging Excel

    In this blog post I wanted to introduce my personal Veeam vSphere Tagging Excel Tool which I’ve been using over the years within several customer projects to simply onboarding VM’s to backup jobs. Why vSphere Tags? It is certainly known nowadays, that they hold the key to unlocking the full …

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May, 2023

  • 16 May

    VeeamON 2023

    VeeamON 2023 Register

    VeeamON 2023 is happening from May 22 to May 25 live in Miami or online! Whether you decide to join us in‑person or online, VeeamON is the ultimate event for those seeking to modernize their data management and protection. At VeeamON users and partners from around the globe gather for …

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October, 2022

  • 26 October

    Storage Field Day 24

    Storage Field Day

    As I announced lately I had the honor to join my first ever Tech Field Day back in June and it is happening again as I’m attending Storage Field Day 24 this November ! I really enjoyed the event and I’m already writing on a review of it as I …

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June, 2022

  • 13 June

    Cloud Field Day 14 – I’m a Field Day Delegate !

    Cloud Field Day

    I’m very honored and fortunate to announce, that I will be attending Cloud Field Day 14 in person as a first time field day delegate !! Special thanks goes to Stephen Foskett (@SFoskett) for his trust in me to represent the Tech Field Day events and to be a delegate …

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May, 2022

  • 9 May

    VeeamON 2022 – in person or virtual

    VeeamON 2022

    By far the best data protection event VeeamON 2022 – in person or virtual is taking place from May the 16-19, in Las Vegas or virtually ! I can’t wait to get out and about to a conference again and will be there live and in person in Las Vegas …

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March, 2022

  • 1 March

    Veeam Vanguard 2022 Program Nomination and Review

    Veeam Vanguard Featured Image

    Veeam Vanguard 2022 Program Nomination On the 28th of February 2022 I found an awesome e-mail from Nikola Pejková in my mailbox, that I have been selected for the Veeam Vanguard Program for 2022! This is my 3rd consecutive year in a row now. I’m feeling very honored to remain …

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February, 2022

  • 7 February

    vCenter role for Veeam ONE with PowerCLI

    VMware PowerCLI logo

    The idea behind the vCenter role for Veeam ONE Based on my original blogpost from 2020 where I created a vCenter role for Veeam Backup & Replication with PowerCLI, I decided to do the same for Veeam ONE. As a result the blog post here with the new script was …

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August, 2021

  • 4 August

    Veeam FastClone operation takes too long

    My Top 5 Veeam ONE Reports

    Introduction Hi Folks, I recently had a very strange situation at one of our customers infrastructure that the Veeam FastClone operation takes too long. The infrastructure was sized that we had a primary backup storage in the first data center and a backup copy target in the second data center. …

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June, 2021

  • 16 June

    VeeamON Tour DACH 2021

    VeeamON Tour DACH 2021

    Am 17.07.2021 findet wieder die VeeamON Tour 2021 für die DACH Region statt ! Um euch für die VeeamON Tour DACH 2021 anzumelden, könnt ihr einfach auf das Bild hier klicken: Rüsten Sie sich für zukünftige Anforderungen und nutzen Sie das Potenzial Ihrer Daten. Bei unserer eintägigen Online-Konferenz zum Thema …

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