VeeamON 2022 – in person or virtual

By far the best data protection event VeeamON 2022 – in person or virtual is taking place from May the 16-19, in Las Vegas or virtually ! I can’t wait to get out and about to a conference again and will be there live and in person in Las Vegas ! My buddy @Homerjay79 with whom I even have a speaking slot is also there! But more about that later! Therefore, let me guide you through my personal highlights at this years conference and give you some links to get involved with it as well !

VeeamON 2022 – in person or virtual

VeeamON is Veeam’s best data protection event which normally takes place once a year. This year it is “hybrid” which means you can either join in person or even virtual (FOR FREE) !

I personally think that this is a great offer Veeam gives you to access the conference from anywhere for free.

VeeamON - in person or virtual

In short, for me it is going to be the in person event this year as I’m really excited to get out and about again. However, I’m really looking forward to meeting all the community peers and Veeamers again.

Agenda of VeeamON 2022

This years agenda is simply packed with Veeam goodness ! Firstly, the agenda page here, to get the details about the in person and virtual agenda:

The complete and full agenda list is visible here: Full Agenda list

The key agenda topics are

  • New Veeam V12
  • Kubernetes
  • Ransomware
  • AWS/Azure/Google
  • Salesforce
  • M365

Certainly, my personal most excitement is definitely the V12 release. For instance, there are really a lot of sessions about Veeam V12 whereby this shows that the V12 release is packed with lots of awesome features.

Fopr example, here are all the session in regards to Veeam V12 listed below:

  • Veeam Backup & Replication v12: What’s new and introduction
  • Veeam V12: New capabilities for service providers
  • V12: Tape Enhancements
  • Veeam V12: NAS Enhancements
  • V12: Enterprise Application Enhancements
  • Veeam ONE v12 Preview
  • V12: Core Architecture Enhancements Part 1
  • V12: Core Architecture Enhancements Part 2
  • Deep Dive of V12 Object Storage Enhancements
  • V12: Security Enhancements
  • V12: Agent Enhancements

Above all, I need to highlight that I’m keen on watching the VeeamON 2022 Technology General Sessions again. They are are always packed with a lot of information, new products and most importantly, LIVE DEMOS !

First time as a speaker at VeeamON

Just from these key topics you can imagine how diversified and interesting the agenda is. Furthermore, I’d like to highlight that for the first time I’m having a speaking slot together with my buddy Jochen. You can find my buddy and fellow Veeam Vanguard Jochen on Twitter as well -> @Homerjay79

The title of our session is “Beat the Gostev Challenge Lessons Learned”. The session is about achieving the highest possible backup speed so it is going to be very interesting !

Beat the Gostev Challenge Lessons Learned

LabWarz are back !!

This one got my excitement even more ! At VeeamON22 there is going to be LabWarz again. LabWarz is a competition where you showcase your Veeam skills by solving problems / obstacles within a Veeam lab. As a result there are leaderboards and prices to win ! Check out the page here to get more information on LabWarz.

For instance, there is also a sneak peak video on what you can expect from LabWarz !

Ok, how can I get there ?

Firstly, register here for VeeamON 2022 -> VeeamON Registration

Secondly, make sure to follow social media for #VeeamON2022.

VeeamON 2022 is hybrid, accordingly you can choose your experience by registering for the in person or virtual event !

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Falko is a Consulting Field Solutions Architect for Modern Data Protection based in Germany working at Pure Storage Inc. In the last 12 years he has built a strong focus on virtualization, BCDR and has a passion for Microsoft 365 & storage systems. He's a Veeam Vanguard, a Veeam Certified Engineer, Veeam Certified Architect and a Veeam User Group founder and leader in Germany.

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