My VMware certification journey for 2020

This post covers all the learning resources and material I’m going to consume and recommend regarding my VMware certification journey for 2020!

The year 2019 was a great year for me regarding my Veeam certifications! In April 2019 I managed to achieve the Veeam Certified Engineer certification and was very happy with it !

After the completion of my Veeam Certified Engineer certification, I took the Veeam Certified Engineer – Advanced: Design & Optimization course in April 2019. I scheduled the exam for the 15th of July just to make sure I have enough preparation time, and fortunately I passed J !

The next step is to set the focus on my VMware certification journey for 2020 and the learning resources I’m consuming !

The goal of my VMware certification journey for 2020 !

Now that I have gathered all my Veeam certifications in 2019, I’m focusing on achieving the VCIX-DCV (VMware Certified Implementation Expert) certification in 2020. That is the goal ! Since VMware dropped the 2-years renewal of their certifications, you can really take your time and focus on your preparation. So I prepared myself with some links, resources, blog posts and so on for preparing as good as possible.

For achieving the VMware Certified Implementation Expert, I need to pass both, the VCAP6-DCV Design and the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam for achieving the milestone of the VMware Certified Implementation Expert. Melissa Palmer did some very nice blog posts regarding the VCP, and VCAP exams, which I can definitely recommend:

VMware VCAP Design and Deploy

The complete Guide to VMware VCP certification

Since I know that these exams are not easy, I wanted to share which resources I will take into account for preparing and studying.

Preparation and learning resources for the VMware certifications

First, If I get the opportunity, then I try to attend a “Design and Deploy” course from VMware. I believe that classroom training and interaction with a trainer will give me greater learning success. Also talking to other attendees from a course gives great insights to me!

Second, If I prepare and study for exams I’m always writing a study guide / extract for myself to concentrate all the information I need. Therefore I extract the exam guide of the Design and the Deploy exam and write down all the information I need to learn!

Here you can find the exam guide for the VCAP6-DCV Design exam and for the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam.

Learning and preparation resources for the VCAP-Design certification

As you may know, the VCAP-Deploy exam consists of a lab exam only, whereby the VCAP-Design exam is a multiple-choice one. Regarding the VCAP Design exam I’m going to study as much as possible to pass the multiple-choice exam. My past actions to learn and study for my VCP exams were quite good, so I adapt these into my learning actions for the VCAP Design exam. In addition to that I already picked some resources from other bloggers and their experiences with the exam to prepare. I really enjoy reading those blog posts and really appreciate all these tips and tricks which have been shared!

Here are all the VCAP Design experiences blog posts, which I already read and going to re-read:

Learning and preparation for the VCAP-Deploy certification

Regarding the Deploy exam, I will use the information provided in the exam guide and take these into the lab! I know that you will need a lot of hands-on experience and troubleshooting experience for the VCAP-Deploy exam.

Therefore I’m going to work with the “unofficial” study guides provided by Kyle Jenner and Matt Callaway. Thank you for these outstanding contributions to the community ! Here are the direct links to the study guides: Matt Callaway’s Study Guide & Kyle Jenner’s Study Guide.

In addition to the study guides, I will spend a lot of time in the VMware Hands On Labs. For example in the Challenge lab.

For the VCAP-Deploy exam there are also a lot of exam experience blog posts which i definetely recommend !

Here are all the VCAP Deploy experiences blog posts, which I already read and going to re-read:

Conclusion to my VMware certification journey

There is a lot of work to do regarding my VMware certification journey for 2020. But I want to bring my knowledge regarding the VMware products to a new level. Again, I want to thank everyone in the vCommunity who has put together an exam experience or a study guide. You are helping other people in so many ways ! Furthermore, I’m going to add the resources to my already existing “Tools and Links” page in the future, to make them better visible for the visitors of my blog.

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