VMware Kubernetes Academy

Introducing VMware Kubernetes Academy

VMware recently introduced their own Kubernetes Academy, which is a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education and learning platform !

The Kubernetes Academy provides an accessible learning path regardless of where you are on your Kubernetes skill !

All of the courses are composed of a series of video lessons, whereby the skill levels range from beginner to intermediate. Advanced topics are being introduced very soon !

Since I also want to deal with container technologies and Kubernetes myself, this was my first choice to get an overview of what Kubernetes is. Furthermore, the courses of the Academy have been created by experts, where you can be sure that you get the best content!

You can find the link to the academy here.

To find the best start within your Container and Kubernetes journey, you can take a little quiz to determine with which course you should start. The quiz is located here.

Currently the following courses are available:

  • Containers 101
  • Kubernetes 101
  • Kubernetes in Depth
  • Interacting with Kubernetes
  • How to Prepare for the CKA Exam

VMware Kubernetes Academy

What I like about the platform, is that it is not overcrowded with information. The next thing is that there is a lot of extra information. For example the YouTube videos from TGIK. These are weekly live video streams broadcasted from the VMware Cloud Native headquarters. There is also a direct link in the footer to the VMware Cloud Native Apps Blog.

Also, make sure to check out the instructors and follow them on social media. You’ll get a lot from the instructors on social media !

VMware Kubernetes Academy Instructors

All in All I believe the Kubernetes Academy is a great start for my container and Kubernetes journey. It is often hard to find good quality and especially free content. I’m going to use this content to familiarize myself with the topic !


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