Kubestr – An open-source Kubernetes storage tool

Introduction to Kubestr and Kasten

Today I wanted to introduce Kubestr, a new tool from Kasten for Kubernetes storage assessments !

In the meantime, the world of Kubernetes has also captivated me. In general, you can say that my perspective from a backup point of view has great advantages in relation to the underlying technologies which also need to be provided with a data backup.

Therefore I also started to dig into the Kubernetes world and set up my own cluster, try things and as always break things. A blog series about that journey is coming, so stay tuned.

One major part why I’m doing this is because of Kasten. I really like to understand things and get to know the stuff I’m backing up. That’s why I started aswell with the “learning curve” as Michael Cade likes to call it and dig into the world of Kubernetes backup and restores 🙂

Today Kasten released a nice and handy tool which helps you in verifying, validating and evaluating your Kubernetes storage solutions.

The tool helps you not only to evaulate your CSI drivers but also does benchmark your Kubernetes storage ! Benchmarking in general is always a pain when it is been done manually. Kubestr really helps here with an easy CLI to get your benchmarks up and running very easy.

Kubestr can help you in different ways with your Storage systems.

  • Identifying your storage options
  • validating your storage options
  • evaluating your storage options by benchmarking it

Using Kubestr

To discover your available storage options simply run Kubestr (or check the video below)


To check your CSI drivers snapshot and restore capabilities simply run Kubest with the csicheck parameter

./kubestr csicheck -s storage_class -v volume_snapshot_class

And last but not least you can run FIO benchmarks tests within a POD created by Kubestr to benchmark your Kubernetes storage.
Simply run the following command to do so

./kubestr fio -s storage_class

Finally here is the official site of Kubestr: https://kubestr.io/

And also make sure to hit that “Fork” button on Github 🙂 https://github.com/kastenhq/kubestr

Furthermore, I strongly recommend to check out the blog posts of Michael Cade and Anthony Spiteri to see some real world screenshots and Kubestr in Action !

Introducing Kubestr – A handy tool for Kubernetes Storage

Introducing Kubestr – Identify, Validate and Evaluate Kubernetes Storage


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