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How to backup ESXi hosts with PowerCLI

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At the moment I have a lot of scripts laying around which are either snippets or not publishable. Therefore, I’m going to edit them all in the upcoming blog posts and upload them for the community. Today, I’m going to show you a simple but powerful and easy to use …

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Managing VMware vSphere with VMware Workstation

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Recently, I tweeted that I was uploading a virtual machine to an ESXi host. So i thought, I might share a blog post on all the things you can do with VMware Workstation in regards to VMware vSphere. I’m going to cover all the options I know and use when …

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How to reset the vCenter Server Appliance root password

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I recently had the case, that the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) root password was missing and we couldn’t log in to the appliance. VMware published a Knowledge Base article on how to reset the lost or forgotten password in a vCenter Server Appliance. I wanted to share this with you …

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